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Google Domain Change in July

Google DriveAll JCS Google Accounts are going to be moved to a new Google location.  The process started on July 7. Keith Mack will post updates on this website. Here’s the current update progress:

  • July 7: Email and login has changed to You can access all your files by login with Example: will be
  • July 19: All JCSK8.ORG accounts have be recreated and are ready for you to login.
    • Staff login process is in your JCS mailbox at school or you can call office from during normal hours for your password.
    • Student logins are same as they were during the last school year. Email is currently disabled.
  • Keith Mack is working with Google to transfer Staff email.  Go Here for staff form to have email migration started. There is no plan for transfer of student email at this time.
  • JCS students and staff must transfer/share their own contacts, calendars, docs & files to new account. Click here for information on the data migration process for files in Google Drive.
    • Staff: please try to complete this by August 18 so that you can get everything ready for start of school. Keith Mack will be available in the Library every Wednesday and Friday from 1-4pm to assist anyone needing help.
    • Students: we will work with classrooms in first weeks of school to get files shared.

Any questions please contact Keith Mack at

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