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April Panther Press

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Dear Jacoby Creek School Families,


It is officially spring!   I hope that this month’s Panther Press finds you doing well and enjoying the new season.  March was a busy month at Jacoby Creek with the JCCEF Auction, school and classroom plays, the start of the track season,  the All County Music Festival, and academic competitions. April promises to bring many exciting events as well. Please be sure to check the calendar at for important events. A list of this month’s events is also included in this newsletter.


JCS Students have really shined at local academic competitions in the last months.  History Day, Science Fair, and Spelling Bee results are below! We are so proud of the students and their hard work.  



Melanie Nannizzi


Important Upcoming Dates

April 2:  Session III of After School Academic Support Classes Begins

April 3:  4th-8th Grade Choir to Choral Music Festival 8:30-noon

April 3: Foundation Meeting at Baywood 6:00-7:00 PM

April 5:  Facilities Improvement Committee Meeting 4:00-6:00 Library

April 8: PTO Skate Party at Blue Lake Roller Rink 11:30-1:30

April 9:  School Board Meeting at 7:15 in the Library

April 12:  PTO Meeting in Mrs. Hatchett’s Classroom 5:30 PM

April 12:  Fourth-Eighth Grade Spring Choir & Orchestra Concert  7:00 Gym

April 16-20: Spring Break–No School and Activity Center is Closed

April 23:  Session III of After School Enrichment Classes Begins

April 23-27:  Book Fair

April 26:  Open House and Pizza Night Fundraiser 5:30-7:00 PM

April 30: Coffee with the Principal 8:00-9:00 AM


Walk & Roll to School is Next Wednesday!

Spring is here and it’s time for Walk & Roll!  The first Wednesdays of the month are Walk & Roll days until the end of the school year.  You can participate by leaving your car at home or parking away from the school and walking, riding, rolling, scootering, or blading to school.  You could also take the bus from Arcata Community Center at 8:00 am and walk or run the track before school. Hope to see you out and about next Wednesday.


2018-2019 School Calendar

The Jacoby Creek School Board has adopted a calendar for the 2018-2019 school year. Please be sure to look at the dates and plan family trips during vacation times. The can be found on the website at


This month the staff will be setting the dates for all of our school events next year.  I will share these updates with you as soon as possible.


Humboldt County Science Fair Winners


First Place Gold Medals

Ella Ivan “Bacteria Levels in Local Water Sources”

Sadie Cronin and Jasmine McKnight “Sound Healing and the Human Response”

Arman Abbassi “Teaching Children with Down Syndrome: The…”

Raven Alvarez “Project CO2: Simulating Roadside Fires and …”

John Gerving “Detecting Cancer with Neural Networks”

Skyler Burlison “Testing Genetic Diversity of Sequoia” Sempervirens”

Annie and Tilde Macdonald “Secret of the Rings”

Calvin Sway “Tool Using Jays: Phase Two”


Second Place Silver Medals

Sean Coontz “Can You Swim Faster With or Without a Swim Cap”

Jackson Zagone “How to Make Kids Wash Their Hands”

Beck Pedersen “Dunk It: Generating Power with an Oscillating…”


Third Place Bronze Medals

Riley Haggerty “The Atlatl Put to the Test”

Sasha Love “Sourdough Starter on Vacation”

Ashley McLaughlin “Exercising My Dog”

Tavi Yoon “Whatever Floats Your Boat”

Kyra Alway “The Basics of Soil pH”

Iris Coonrod and Tobias Sanchez “The Effect of Oils in Soap”

Ella Lukens “How Green in Your Detergent?”

Ireland Sommer “Actual vs. Ideal Mechanical Advantage”


Special Recognition Rosettes and Excellence Ribbons


Taya Holmes “How Common Items Affect the Germination of Peas”

Stella Drobnick-Sochovka “How Age and Gender Affect the Knowledge and

Acceptance of LGBTQ Community”

Alden Mauro “Little River, Big Trouble: E. coli in Local Waters”

Judges Choice Award: Skyler Burlison

North Coast Air Quality Management District Award: Raven Alvarez

Sierra Club Award: Annie and Tilde Macdonald

Audubon Society Award: Calvin Sway


Grand Prize Awards: State Science Fair!!

These students will represent JCS and Humboldt County at

the California State Science Fair in Los Angeles April 21-25

  • Sadie Cronin and Jasmine McKnight
  • Arman Abbassi ,
  • Raven Alvarez
  • John Gerving
  • Skyler Burlison
  • Annie and Tilde Macdonald
  • Calvin Sway


State Spelling Bee:

Fifth grade student, Jackson Dehority, will be representing Humboldt County at the State Spelling Bee!  Congratulations on winning the Humboldt County Spelling Bee, Jackson!!


History Day:

Co-Champions going to State Competition:


Jenna Renteria for her poster — “Little Rock Nine Changes History”

Camden Narwold for his poster — “Royal History of Climbing”



Sophia Mizoguchi for her historical paper titled “Fred Korematsu: Injustice Not Yet Fully Vindicated”

Vivian Cronin for her historical paper titled “Compromising for the Country: The Culper Spy Ring”


Additional awards from local organizations for projects’ historical excellence:

5th– Cal Tucker: Poster — “Captain Jack and the Modoc War”

8th– Emily Smith: Junior Exhibit — “Conflict and Compromise; Women’s Suffrage”

8th– Sam Trewartha: Junior Exhibit — “National Park Service: A Conflict of Interests”

After School Enrichment Classes


Session Three of Homework Club and Study Hall is from April 2-June 4. There is no break for the academic support classes. Space is still available in these classes.


Enrollment forms for Session Three of After School Enrichment classes went out last week.  The third session of the enrichment classes will run from April 23-May 25.


2018 Oral Language Faire


Individual Dramatic & Humorous interpretation

Gold  Medalists          SILVER  medalists              Bronze Medalists

Zoe  Cappuccio            Matilda  Benzinger            Bella  Bentley

Lela  Caruso               Ceiba Dehority       Isabella  Lampro

Gemma  Caruso           Cara  Dolf                  Lilly  Bowman

Siri  Caruso               Crosby Fitzgerald              Chloe  Cappuccio

Gabby  Cavinta                  Violet Fogg                   Nico  Caruso

Nina  Clayton            Miriam  Harper    Nova  Garwood

Emily  Corrigan          Logan  Holmes        Isabella  Lampro

Eva Devoe                   Anneli  McDonald             Ella  Manthorne

Cadence Figas             Stella  Mia            Ashley McLaughlin

Cadence Fitzmaurice   Joseph  Michaels          Ryan  Michaels

Jolie  Gibbs              Julia  Oberlander            Henry  Seiler

Alysse  Gildea          Anya  Seiler                  Jasmine  Williams

Elijah  Meltzer         Soriah Wagschal

Jenna  Renteria         Simon  Zagone

Caroline  Taylor

Violet  VillARREAL



2018 Oral Language Faire


Verse Choir

Gold  Medalists          SILVER  medalists              Bronze Medalists


Mia  Nannizzi            Abby Costello-Anderson    Quaid Aitken

Myka  Nannizzi          Ella  Lukens                  Matilda  Benzinger

                                Tildi  McDonald             Gillian  Berg

                                Kloe  Bryant                  Sofia  Flores

                                Natalie  McLaughlin          Violet Villarreal

                                Leila  Barker                Ella  Newman

                                Iris  Coonrod                Tobias  Sanchez

                                                                       Lila  Wolf

                                                                 Ai-Lan  McGoldrick

                                                                       Sydney  Trieu                                                         


Jacoby Creek Children’s Education Foundation:

This year’s auction was an amazing success.  Thank you so much to all of those that attended and contributed to the event.  It was such a fun time and I think that we all enjoyed the awesome 80’s music and beautiful St. Patrick’s Day setting!! At this point, it looks like the auction made around $30,000.  We will report out the actual number as soon as everything is calculated!! WOW!! Thank you so much for supporting our JCS students.



This month the PTO will be hosting the annual Skate Day on Sunday, April 8 f at 11:00 at the Blue Lake Roller Rink.  Please come in and enjoy the fun and bring a snack to share with the group. This is a family event, so parents need to stay with students.  PPTO=FAMILY FUN AT JCS!


Open House Pizza Night

Join us in the gym for Open House Pizza Night featuring Paul’s Live from New York Pizza on Thursday, April 26  from 4:30-6:30 (Open House is 5:30-7:00). Come support the 6th grade and forget about having to make dinner on Open House Night. Pre-sale tickets will be on sale during the week of April 10-14 in front of school. A limited number of tickets will be sold the night of the event, so get your pre-sale orders in!


          2-slice meal $12

          1-slice meal $8

          Child slice meal $5

    All meals include pizza, salad, and a drink.

We hope you can make it our fundraiser. Proceeds will go to the 6th grade environmental education program funding several field trips.

Thank You!



Track & Field

Track season is underway.  The first meet, the HSU Invitational, will be on April 5, 2018 at Humboldt State University.  

Sports Physicals

Humboldt County is a rural community, as such, there is typically a three month wait for well care visits.  Families of student athletes should consider calling their primary care physicians now to schedule their pre-participation physical appointments for over the summer.  Girls volleyball (7/8), golf (coed 5-8), and cross country (coed K-8) will start at the beginning of the school year. Fall Sports Night will be Wednesday August 29, 2018. All athletes must be cleared in order to try out or practice.  Clearance forms are available in the office. The deadline to turn in paperwork for all fall sports is September 4, 2018.


Support JCS Athletics:  Our Athletics Program is solely funded by monetary donations and profits from hosting tournaments.  Please consider sponsoring an Athletics Banner and/or volunteering at one of our tournaments—both are great ways to support JCS Athletics. Please contact our Athletic Director, Davita McGoldrick, if you are interested in sponsoring a banner in the gym or signing up to volunteer at a tournament.


Immunization Laws Reminder

As many of you know, the laws surrounding vaccinations for children in school have changed a lot.  We want to offer clarification about the requirements so that our school is compliant with the laws. Schools are required to check immunization records for all new student admissions in kindergarten-12th grade AND all student records are checked before their 7th grade year.


In order to be compliant with the immunization laws, students must be up to date on their immunizations OR a have MEDICAL EXEMPTION signed by the doctor.  


In summary, all student starting transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and 7th grade need to have a MEDICAL EXEMPTION waiver from their doctor, OR be up to date on their immunizations. If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Health, or visit their website.  


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