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CBOC Member Advertisement

Jacoby Creek School District Accepting “Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee for Measure K” Member Applications NOTICE is hereby given that the Jacoby Creek School District is accepting applications from interested citizens to serve on the District’s independent oversight committee with respect…

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Board Background Sheets 1-14-19 A Agenda Item 1. CALL TO ORDER/AGENDA Subject: 1.1 Pledge of Allegiance 1.2 Agenda: Items to be removed from the agenda or changes to the agenda will be made at this time. Action Requested: 1.1 None. 1.2 Approval. Previous…

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Agenda 1-14-19

January 2019 Board Agenda Meeting Opened by President:                            _ Members Leaving Early:                                             . Members Present:                                                  _ Members Arriving Late:                                              . Members Absent:                                                   _ Adjournment:                                                               . OPEN MEETING: 7:15 PM, CALL TO ORDER 1. CALL TO ORDER/AGENDA 1.1 Pledge of Allegiance…

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January 2019 School Site Council Agenda

Jacoby Creek School Site Council Agenda Tuesday, 8 January 2019 3:30 PM Room 3—Mrs. Dean’s room Call to order    Approve December Minutes Opportunity for public input.  At this time members of the public wishing to address the Site Council…

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January 2019 Panther Press

Please click the link below for to read the Panther Press.

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