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Marisa Mendosa Honored for Poetry Writing

Photo of Marisa Mendosa

Jacoby Creek School Eighth Grade Student Marisa Mendosa honored by California Association of Teachers of English

The California Association of Teachers of English (CATE) reception was held last Saturday at the HSU Green and Gold Room for first through third place winners in the Redwood Writing Contest. Marisa Mendosa was awarded 1st place for Grades 6-8 Poetry for her poem, “The Dawning of Dance.”

The Dawning of Dance

Walk, walk, walk
Through the night, in the sky
Reach, reach, reach
To the stars, so very high
Turn, turn, turn
Around the shadows, passing by
Brush, brush, brush
Through the depths, seen to the eye
Developé, developé
Above the life, from below
Arabesque, arabesque
Behind the nest, of the crow
Pirouette, pirouette
About the point, where life does grow
Tour jeté, tour jeté
Over the hills, powdered with snow
Up, up, up
Upon the peak, high above
Wait, wait, wait
For the light, of showered love
Whirl, whirl, whirl
Towards the rising, of the dove
Fall, fall, fall
Back to earth, or place thereof
Chaînés, chaînés, chaînés
Around the lake, of gorgeous view
Sous-sus, sous-sus, sous-sus
Into the light, of the blue
Piqué, piqué, piqué
Onto the grass, with the dew
Bourrée, bourrée, bourrée
Toward the day, of brand and new

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